Subsidy Programmes Classic provides financial support for corporate projects in more than 140 countries, with subsidies of up to EUR 2 million or a maximum of 50% of project costs. Eligible for application are companies in Europe and in developing and emerging countries that employ at least eight people, generate annual sales of EUR 800,000 and can demonstrate two financial years. Venture supports start-ups and small businesses locally in developing and emerging countries.

Feasibility studies

If a company is planning a meaningful and development-relevant investment in a developing and newly industrializing country, a prior feasibility study required for this can be financially supported with up to EUR 200,000 or 50%. The programme is aimed at medium-sized European companies with an annual turnover of up to EUR 500 million

Business Support Services

The programme is aimed at companies that want to improve their business activities in developing markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America in terms of performance, growth and developmental impact. Activities required for this purpose can be supported with up to 50% of the costs incurred.


"Up-Scaling" is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in developing and emerging countries that want to expand an innovative, development-relevant business model. A grant of EUR 500,000 is made available for this purpose, which will be repaid in the event of success. Subsidiaries of European companies also belong to the target group of this programme.


The step towards opening up African markets is facilitated by the AfricaConnect programme. European companies with innovative business models can obtain attractive loans of between EUR 750,000 and EUR 4 million with a term of up to 7 years if the project creates skilled jobs locally.