Title of the project
Advisory and training measures for electronic legal transactions in Ethiopia

Implementing company
ReNoStar GmbH, Großwallstadt


Subsidy institution
sequa gGmbH, Bonn

Duration of the project
2017 – 2019

Content of the project
The content of the project was to inform Ethiopian court personnel, law students and lawyers about the possibilities of using modern organisational software for the court system by means of know-how transfer and capacity building and to enable them to implement and use it. At the same time, they and other actors of the national justice system should be informed and trained about the technical and legal possibilities and aspects of electronic exchange of legal documents between the individual stakeholders.

Development-relevant effects
Thanks to the project, Ethiopia is taking a further step towards modernising legal procedures in order to make legal processes faster, more efficient and more transparent.

Benefits for the company
The cloud software for the legal system that the company offers will initially be installed in its basic version at the Woreda-Courts in Mekelle and will then gradually be rolled out at all courts, first in Mekelle and then throughout the state of Tigray. The company ReNoStar will contribute a small percentage of the court costs. The model is particularly interesting for use in developing and emerging countries where the available capital of the target groups is rather limited. The project helped the company to gain an excellent reputation in Ethiopia and to build up a dense network.