Title of the project
Professional Training of Seamstresses at the Vocational School of Hincesti

Implementing company
Teamdress Stein Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg

Textile industry

Subsidy institution
sequa gGmbH

Duration of the project
2014 – 2015

Content of the project
The objective of the project was to improve the training of industrial sewers at the vocational school in Hincesti and, consequently, the job opportunities of graduates in the national textile sector. The aim was to provide a training modelled on the German dual system, in which both theoretical and practical teaching modules are applied. Thanks to the close cooperation between the project team of the Hamburg-based company and the country’s Ministry of Education, the training, which was adapted to Western standards, was able to be anchored at political level.

Development-relevant impacts

Moldova benefits from the project through the sustainable implementation of a modern dual training course at a local vocational school, which serves as a blueprint for other vocational schools in the country. The modernised training will enable the people in the target group to produce textiles that meet the high demands of international customers and thus stimulate national exports.

Benefits for the company
The company has some of its products manufactured in textile factories in Moldova. Thanks to the project, it was possible to improve the training of the employees of these companies and thus the quality of the manufactured products. In addition, the project activities have given the company a high positive profile with the authorities and the textile industry in the country.